About Us


Our mission is to enable leaders to effectively manage, perform and succeed in a culture of constant change — one powerful conversation at a time. Cultivating mindful, selfless, and compassionate leaders is how we change lives.

Our clients learn to see themselves, and the world, in a new way. We pride ourselves on continuous innovation, self-development and upholding the highest standard of excellence in our industry. We know how to provide impactful tools and paradigms allowing leaders to communicate strategically, confidently, and solve complex problems by using both head and heart.


2002  Founded: Frankfurt, Germany; Intercultural Training.

2007  Teaching: Boston, USA; Human Communication Classes.

2010  Keynotes: Tallinn, Estonia; Leadership Trends.

2011  Leadership Programs: Washington, DC; LEAD and LEARN cohorts for emerging & senior leaders.

2012  Coaching: USA; Individual and Team coaching for leaders.

2017  Thought Leadership: Fairfax, VA; George Mason University Coach Education and Classes.

2018  DEI Initiatives: USA; Strategic Partnership with industry leaders such as ADR Vantage.

2020  Virtual & Hybrid Programs: Global; LEAD, LEARN, Coaching, Keynotes and Workshops.