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Our Philosophy

Coaching is a powerful way to enhance the ability to yield results. One of the world’s fastest-growing fields, we not only offer executive coaching for senior executives at the C-level, but also leadership coaching for all levels — for professional development, on-boarding, global transitions, retirement, and high-potential teams. We believe leaders at all stages of their career should have the opportunity to cultivate excellence in themselves and the world.

Top Certified Coaches

At Spectrum we are proud to draw from top leadership coaches in the profession and from around the globe. Each coach is accredited from a prestigious coach-education program and is certified by the International Coach Federation. Our coaching cadre averages 10 years of leadership coaching experience and several of our coaches are Master Certified Coaches who train, educate and mentor rising coaches. Our highly sought-after coaches are thought leaders in the field and role model cutting-edge conversation techniques which can be utilized immediately.

We understand that change is constant. We partner with our clients to discover their personal leadership path that maximizes their success. Coaching is a human experience. We connect with the whole person which has a ripple effect that can be highly motivating, setting up an organization for better teamwork, improved communication, and increased productivity.”

Libby Graves – Spectrum Master Certified Coach and Facilitator

Our Coaching Team

It’s important to support our clients in deciding what kind of coaching to offer. Our internal coaching team is dedicated to helping you identify when and how to apply leadership coaching to your organization. We help leaders understand how to use a coach, leading the matching process, navigating assessments, and ensuring objectives are met between sponsor, stakeholders and client. 

We are mindful of matching our coaches and clients based on background, industry and fit. Proud to always partner with our clients, we ensure compatibility on all sides.

The experience of having a coach was profound and moving; leaving me uplifted with a remarkable clarity about what is important in my life and work. It has enabled me to reach an understanding of what motivates me at the deepest level and provided me tools to achieve my highest aspirations. I am comfortable in my own skin and continue my leadership journey with a 360 view, open mind, and excitement to learn what’s next. And I know I’m ready for it.

Diana Seveney, Deputy Chief, Global Partnerships Division – International Monetary Fund Institute for Capacity Development

Individual Coaching

(3 month – 12 month engagements)

What Is It How It Works Individual Results

As top leadership coaches in the industry, we act as non-judgmental, confidential, accountability partners. Our job is to help you identify strengths and challenges while you begin to shift frameworks and behaviors that no longer serve you and cultivate others which do.

Coaching provides accountability with heart.  We support leaders in aligning their behaviors with achieving results most important to them and the long-term success of their organizations. Our Coaching Services Packet outlines the cadence of each experience including sponsor meetings, goal-setting tools, 360s and assessments, and live or virtual observations. Your engagement is as unique as you are.

Coaching sparks growth and develops new perspectives for each individual. It takes time, reflection, and grit. You’ll reap a multitude of benefits including higher levels of productivity, increased engagement, and improved well-being. We’ll co-create what success looks like – measurable and scalable goals – while partnering with you throughout your journey to the next level.

Throughout my career I’ve had military leaders yell at me during training, professors instruct me, and mentors guide me. Yet it was coaching that provided me with a new and different perspective on how to approach complex situations, change communication to drive engagement, and most of all, give me a better understanding of my role as an Executive and Directorate Leader. This coaching engagement is something that will continue to benefit me throughout the rest of my career.

Jason Cook, Vice President – CACI

Group Coaching

(6 month – 12 month engagements)

What Is It How it Works Group Results

Group coaching is a great way to bring together large groups of people who are interested in improving leadership presence, strategic decision-making skills and enhanced creativity but aren’t necessarily an in-tact team working on a specific goal together. 

Group coaching can range from 3 to 15 people and is often a hybrid of facilitation and leadership coaching. A certified coach introduces a tool or technique to each group coaching session, role-models a coach-approach and then opens it up to the group to coach each other on meaningful topics to an individual or to the group.

Our proven success with group coaching is based on two important principles:

1) There is a clear purpose and structure to each group-coaching program.

2) Space is allowed to see exactly what the groups needs at that moment.

Advantages include breaking down silos, group connection and practicing coaching skills in a group setting.

Senior man with digital tablet sharing office with coworkers
Coaching has been profoundly impactful. The team I worked with at Spectrum has earned my trust and guided me to find my own path based on a highly effective blend of listening and reflecting. It sounds simple, but I found each meeting started with a few ideas I had been working on subconsciously and ended with a structure and a plan to act. In many years of working on my own with the same process of using my own ideas and accumulated skills, I could not have found such self-awareness, clarity, and focus. Results are coming not only for me, but for the team I can now lead more effectively.

Richard Colback, Agribusiness Water Specialist – International Finance Corporation

Team Coaching

(9 month – 12 month engagements)

What Is It How It Works Team Results

Team coaching offers the same transformative individual experience — for the entire team. By coaching the team leader and the team, real-time on real issues, our certified coaches help teams transform the way they communicate and innovate. Team coaching is for in-tact teams and ideally the team number ranges from 5-9 people.

We work closely with the team leader, and the team, over a series of months. We observe the team in action, collect input from the organization on team effectiveness, and co-create goals and opportunities. Real-time changes are identified, practiced, and reflected upon. We also co-create an on-going team development plan.

Teams reach immediate and long-term goals while lowering stress, breaking down silos, and building a culture of trust.  Get your teams talking; and performing. This pioneering coaching tool is for leaders ready to cultivate better business results and improve personal relationships, in a team setting.

This has been instrumental for my growth at the International Monetary Fund. I’ve been able to move my insights into action and enhance my confidence anytime I notice self-doubt. I love that everything is specifically tailored for my complex professional & personal scenarios. This really works.

Farayi Gwenhamo, International Monetary Fund — Resident Representative to Malawi

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