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Our leading talent development firm empowers organizations to create personalized, measurable and scalable leadership programs for the entire workforce.

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Since our foundation in 2002, our passion has been maximizing team performance and human potential, one powerful conversation at a time.

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We specialize in bridging communication gaps, offering cutting-edge leadership programs and coaching strategies for leaders working across cultures. Proud to work with global organizations that have a strong service orientation across the commercial, voluntary and public sectors, we are known for:

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Sarah Happel, Founder & President

Our Clients Say

“I have transformed my awareness of how to communicate. This has put me on a path to being a better coach, mentor, and leader then I ever could have gotten to on my own.”

— Brenda Lovcik, Senior Vice President – Medtronic

"Spectrum is serving as a growth accelerant for us. Their approach to leadership has been a major driver in not only the current culture amongst our Senior Managers but also in the development of our next crop of ACS Consulting Managers. I cannot overstate the positive impact, and their approach, have had on our leadership team."

— Mandy Parmer, Managing Partner – Assured Consulting Solutions

“As a senior leader in leadership programs over the past 20 years, I was particularly impressed with the Spectrum LEAD program because it offered so much updated practical advice for current issues (such as race and equity). It balanced the complex needs of our organization, inspired us as individual leaders, and was offered internal to Palladium, where the demands of the calendar often allow little time for reflection with colleagues. The six-month schedule allowed for much praxis and feedback, which in turn cemented the usefulness of the content.”

— Farley Cleghorn, Global Head, Health Practice – The Palladium Group

"Spectrum was highly effective in supporting our board of directors and elevating our ability to communicate and lead the organization with impact. Their positive and affirmative approach to problem-solving resonated with me and our board members. I highly recommend them.”

— Sandy Lee, WWLI Past Board Chair, and Advisory Council Member
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