What Our Clients are Saying

"I really got to know my colleagues.  I have less stress, more clarity and am teaching my teams to have missing conversations. This program was the gift of my lifetime.”
Managing Director, International Organization

What Our Clients are Saying

Leadership training is needed more than ever to spark organizational change. Progressive businesses are integrating action-learning leadership programs that wake people up - dramatically increasing positive changes in people, teams and organizations.
Created by top thought-leaders in the fields of organizational development, leadership and social sciences, our unique programs for Senior Leaders (SOAR) and Emerging Leaders (LEAD) cultivate a whole new way of collaborating with and through others.
“We should have done this years ago.  Now we can make clear requests and powerful declarations. I can see things I never could 6 months ago.” (Assistant Director, Higher Education)



“This is the best investment I have brought into my company.  We’ve been doing training for years and have never seen anything like this program. Sarah and her team have helped us embrace the constant changes we face.” (VP, Non-profit)
"I can't tell you enough how invaluable the declaration vs request distinction continues to be in my own leadership.  And relabeling to “missing* conversations” has truly removed the stigma and negative emotions that I previously associated with the labels “challenging” or "difficult" conversation. It is a much more empowering view for me and the people with whom I need to have those missing conversations.  Thank you … again and again and every day.”  (IT Director, Federal Government Contracting Firm, Washington, DC)

Why Our Programs Work

We have a three-step process which yields proven results time and time again.
1) Assessment: We take the time to get to know your needs.  Together, we co-create what success will look like in your organization by the end of your program. Here are some examples:
“We have problems breaking down silos.”
“How can I get my employees to collaborate better?”
“My people need to transition from management to leadership.”
“We have some leaders who have destructive behaviors - and they have no idea!”
“How can we manage our huge workload and avoid burnout?”
We can help!
We listen to your challenges, coach you to clarity, and provide a unique, leadership program that will give you happier, healthier people able to navigate constant change with confidence.
2) Providing Powerful Programs
Once we understand your end goal, our team of experienced consultants create a unique leadership program specific to your needs, and your organization. Based on powerful cohort-learning methodologies, we offer eight interactive, half-day sessions, small group discussion, and a combination of group and individual coaching.
3) Identifying Next Steps
Completing one of our programs is just the beginning. Leaders learn cutting-edge leadership competencies and experience changed paradigms.  Many leave transformed - and hungry for more. We help co-create next steps for your people to keep the motivation, knowledge and teaching of others going strong - long after the program is over.
Senior Leadership Programs (SOAR) Are For:
  • C-suite executives who have been through every kind of leadership training out there. If you are looking to catapult your teams and organization to the next level, with a fresh and powerful take on change management look no further.
  • Accomplished professionals seeking to learn deeper, global leadership competencies to grow collaboration, accountability and performance.
  • Experienced human resources and performance management leaders wanting to bring a collaborative, consultative leadership program for senior leaders in-house.

Senior Leadership Programs

“Our last module together was the single most powerful day of my professional life.  I can’t wait for the next cohort in our organization to go through this program.” (COO, Consulting Firm)
LEAD has inspired me to become the best version of myself. I am now confident in how to address difficult conversations and lead my team through them as well.” (LEAD participant)

Programs for Emerging Leaders

Programs for Emerging Leaders (LEAD) Are For:
  • New Managers looking to grow the confidence necessary to consistently spearhead, supervise, and lead high-stake projects and people.
  • Emerging Leaders wanting to expand their portfolio of leadership skills.
  • Experienced human resources and performance management leaders wanting to bring a collaborative, consultative leadership program for high-potential managers in-house.