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Our proven curriculum is interactive and modular so it can be custom-made to fit your culture and vision. We specialize in onsite, virtual or hybrid formats that incorporate and contextualize innovative leadership concepts.  We are best known for our cutting-edge LEAD and LEARN cohort programs that integrate action-learning and wake people up – dramatically improving relationships and results. 

Our cohorts include leadership elements that complement, integrate, and expand learning. Individual workshops, keynotes and group coaching are also available to support adult learning.

Top Facilitators

Created by our master facilitators in the fields of organizational development, leadership and social sciences, our unique programs for Senior Leaders (LEAD) and Emerging Leaders (LEARN) cultivate a whole new way of collaborating with and through others.  We choose each facilitator with your specific mission in mind. They are highly trained in the learning and development field and average 12 years of experience in the profession. We cultivate an atmosphere of feedback together with our clients, ensuring your expectations are met and even exceeded on all levels. Spectrum is proud to have an expansive network of top facilitators delivering programs that leave participants more focused, energized and grounded in both their personal and professional lives.

It is said that a rising tide lifts all boats. In a similar manner, when leaders grow, so do the teams and organizations they lead. This leads to better collaboration, better decisions, better outcomes, and ultimately better quality of life for all beings. This is what we are proud to offer at Spectrum.

Vinay Kumar – Spectrum Master Facilitator & Coach

Your Challenges

“We have problems breaking down silos.”
“Our leadership team needs to solve complex problems – but we never have time to have these types of conversations.”
“How can I get my workforce to collaborate better?”
“I hate conflict. Can you tell me how to give feedback in a better way?
“I don’t know how to address conversations around DEI. We don’t even know where to start.”
“My people need to transition from management to leadership.”
“Our mid-level managers need to take more risks and deepen their confidence. Can you make them speak up in meetings?”
“We have some leaders who have destructive behaviors – and they have no idea!”
“How can we manage our huge workload, working virtually, and avoid burnout?”
“We need to reward our people, let them know we appreciate all they do and offer them a chance to grow into that next level of leadership.”

Dedicating time for leadership development never felt like enough of a priority relative to the urgent tasks I always had. The series of conversations with my coach was vital in gaining much needed perspectives on competing demands and the associated trade-offs.

Ricardo Castro, Senior Information Officer – World Bank Group

Our Solutions

Phase 1 Phase 2 Phase 3 Phase 4

Discovery Sessions & Program Design

We take the time to get to know you.

We have a four-step process which yields proven results. In Phase 1, we conduct individual or group discovery interviews with you and your workforce to determine your biggest pride points and toughest challenges. Our experienced team of interviewers gets to know you. We listen to each participant’s viewpoint and presents themes to participants. Together, we tailor-make each program while creating buy-in from the group. Discovery sessions allow us to pinpoint your objectives and create a unique leadership development program that will give you happier, healthier people able to navigate constant complexity with confidence.

Self-Awareness, Assessments and 360s

Our programs include assessments unique to each groups’ needs. Executives may opt to have 360s tailored to their specific leadership goals, such as The Leadership Circle Profile or a narrative 360. Emerging leaders may work with self-awareness tools such as DiSC, MBTI or CliftonStrengths. No matter where leaders are in their development, this important phase allows them to deepen their self-awareness, debrief the tool with a certified leadership coach, and set concrete goals to work with throughout the duration of their program.

Classroom Modules and Executive Coaching

Our programs include a combination of individual observation, big-picture leadership topics and practical application. Based on powerful cohort-learning methodologies, we offer six interactive half-day modules.  In each module, a new theory or model is presented, followed by group discussion and breakout sessions for practical application within the organization. Accountability and collaboration continue between each module in accountability groups — dynamic triads created to engage participants on leadership topics most important in their roles and responsibilities. Accountability groups typically meet monthly. 

Individualized, leadership coaching sessions compliment the classroom experience and are a vital part of each cohort. Our ICF-certified leadership coaches provide an important opportunity for participants to directly apply the classroom learning to their leadership goals in a confidential and individualized way. Our coaches serve as catalyst for a growth-mindset, improved self-awareness and the capacity to thrive.

Program Debrief and Next Steps

Completing one of our programs is just the beginning. Leaders learn cutting-edge leadership competencies and experience changed paradigms.  Many leave transformed, more engaged — and hungry for more. We work with you to capture the ROI of your program, debrief lessons learned, and help co-create next steps for your people to keep the motivation, knowledge and teaching of others going strong — long after the program is over.

Our executives have been asking for this opportunity for years. Spectrum provided a top leadership program where I could see impactful learning being applied every day. Our leaders are now more self-aware, resilient, and impacting our culture in important conversations. There isn’t a single organization who wouldn’t benefit from this.

Margarita Plaza, Human Resources Director – The Palladium Group

Our Cohort Objectives

Increase collaboration: on decision making skills, creating team alignment, and cultivating deeper engagement, one conversation at a time.

Build succinct communication skills: communicating clearly and leading by example, deepening trust, engagement, team morale and company culture.

Deepen Emotional Intelligence: amplify listening techniques while expanding relationships with senior leadership, peers, direct reports and stakeholders.

Develop others: leading from a coach-approach to encourage newer leaders to take risks and step up in their own unique way.

Expand confidence and credibility: become a systems thinker with a holistic understanding of the business, communicating strategically, building credibility and solving complex problems.

It has been a remarkable journey with Spectrum over the past 10 years. They have helped us to create and develop the performance we have as an organization and shaped some of the best leaders at CrossCountry.

Amy Bjarnason, COO – CrossCountry Consulting

LEAD Programs (SVP, Executive Director, C-level, Directors/VP)

These dynamic leadership programs are for seasoned leaders who already have managerial experience and are leading all levels of leadership. LEAD is designed to support the developmental needs of senior executives as they navigate complexity and continue building high performing teams.

Module 1: Leadership EQ, Managing Self, Team and Talent

Module 2: Serving Others with a Coach Approach 

Module 3: Communicating with Impact 

Module 4: Leading Courageous Conversations

Module 5: Cultural Agility: Leading Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Conversations

Module 6: Managing Change and Transition and Heart

Spectrum is an integral partner to move our learning strategies and global leadership programs forward. They helped our organization build a strategic senior leadership program that has empowered our leaders to push outside their comfort zones. Spectrum is always eager to support, customize and adapt their programs to our ever-changing climate and company initiatives.

Kristen Pearson, Manager – Learning and Development – Intelsat

LEARN Programs (for rising leaders)

New Managers looking to grow the confidence necessary to consistently spearhead, supervise, and lead high-stake projects and people will benefit most from this program. Emerging Leaders wanting to enrich their portfolio of leadership skills, expand their network, delegate and improve execution will thrive in LEARN.

Module 1: Emotional Intelligence at Work: Leading From Your Strengths

Module  2: Giving Feedback with Heart

Module  3: Communicating Trust: Leveraging Respect and Results

Module 4: Role-modeling Resilience: Self-care for Managers

Module 5:  Foundations of Top Teams

Module  6: Know Thy Selfie: Declaring Success

As demonstrated during the LEARN sessions and in the one-on-one coaching sessions we had over the year, Spectrum’s ability to lead people through the process of maximizing personal and professional potential can’t be praised enough. They introduced me to a path of self-discovery that led to profound changes in my life.

Joe Tvelia, Corporate Communications – Assured Consulting Solutions

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