Coaches Stand with Ukraine

Podcast – Episode 5

ICF Ukraine Podcast

“Sarah was honored to be interviewed by Larysa Homans and Olya Vasylets for the UCF Ukraine Podcast to discuss the “Coaches Stand with Ukraine: Partnership Conversations” initiative. This select group of ICF coaches from the ICF Metro DC Chapter – the ICF’s second-largest chapter in the world – was privileged to serve. The inaugural group of certified coaches provided pro-bono coaching to ICF Ukraine colleagues over a 6-month timeframe. The podcast delineates between bravery and fear and shares some of the most remarkable themes created by this international group in a war zone: identity, resilience, transition, and continued professional development. Sarah stresses that “It was a gift to step into this place with fellow coaches.” The podcast shares important statistics on how coaching is on the rise globally and that, at the end of the day, this important leadership conversation is all about showing up human.