Empowering Leaders

You have led a lot of change and managed tough transitions over the past 2 years: adjusting to a global pandemic, advocating for social justice, and overseeing your individual and team well-being.

At Spectrum Leadership Solutions, we have been doing the same.

When the pandemic hit, our Spectrum Leadership Solutions team quickly shifted our cutting-edge leadership development programs, intercultural training, workshops, and executive coaching services to 100% virtual. We continued to support leaders and organizations looking to grow leadership competencies and improve results, helping you connect, one powerful conversation at a time. We have run over 125 virtual programs to date.

With the tragic murder of George Floyd, we pivoted again, deepening our learning and certifications in culture facilitation and diversity-to-belonging seminars. As leaders, we need to do the work first. We can’t take anyone else where we aren’t willing to go ourselves.

At Spectrum, we have been doing our own soul-searching as we support our clients on their journey of diversity, equity, and inclusion. You have bravely leaned into discomfort, reflection, and growth.

We see you.

We see your work.

We have been with you every step of the way.

Our mission is to enable leaders, teams, and businesses to effectively manage, perform and succeed in a culture of constant change. We leverage our decades of expertise – across sectors, countries, and corporate cultures – providing clients with a transformational experience; one they can re-create, embody, and teach others in their organizations.

Now you are facing a new challenge: how to best lead resilient hybrid teams. We are with you again, grounding you in the 4 pillars of nurturing healthy hybrid organizations:

  1. Allow flexibility – be nimble with your mindset and how you’ll get things done,

  2. Stay connected – ensure engagement of all necessary teammates no matter location,

  3. Role model inclusivity – lead in-person one day, virtually another, normalizing hybrid culture,

  4. Normalize technology – use fun and useful tools such as Zoom, Mentimeter, and Mural for team check-ins and project management that keep everyone engaged and productive.

Here are a few articles we found helpful on the topic:

Through cultivating unique leadership conversations and outlooks, we support you to see yourself, your organizations, and the world, in a new way. We pride ourselves on continuous innovation, self-development and upholding the highest standard of excellence in our industry. We know how to provide powerful tools and paradigms for leaders to avoid costly mistakes, build relationships and succeed both personally and professionally. As the world begins to re-open, we are honored to continue supporting you as you continue leading through tough transitions. Thanks to your many requests we decided to create a monthly newsletter – to share thought leadership on topics that support the world you are in today and set you up for success in the future. We see you. And now you can see us. If you would like to receive impactful leadership tips and tools in the coming months, be sure to join our email list. Thank you for being on this journey with us.

Spectrum Leadership Solutions Team