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Sarah Happel

Founder & President

Spectrum Leadership Solutions 


Sarah Happel is a top leadership consultant and coach who excels in cultivating excellence in leadership through her work with individuals, universities and organizations.  Formerly an internationally competitive volleyball player, Sarah helps leaders and executive teams determine winning strategies for their organizations through her work as a coach and facilitator.
With over 15 years in the field of communication and transition management, Sarah has worked with leaders from 5 continents in 4 languages: German, Spanish, Italian and Finnish.
Through self-awareness and intentionally practicing what success feels like, Sarah helps her clients achieve the next level of leadership mastery while achieving the results that make a difference for their organizations.
Sarah is a leader in the field of coaching and leadership development. Known for spearheading thought-provoking cohorts which spark personal and professional transformation, Sarah is also  accredited by the International Coach Federation (PCC) and by Georgetown University’s acclaimed Leadership Coaching program.
 Prior to becoming a leadership coach, Sarah was a Fulbright Grantee at the University of Helsinki, has taught Human Communication at Lasell College in Boston and was a journalist.  She has an Advanced Leadership Coaching Certification in Well-Being from George Mason University. 


Meet the Spectrum Team

Gonzalo Ruiz Navarro
Art Director
"Painting and design is my vehicle to communicate.  I love to observe, reflect and create. It is a wonderful way to interpret and interact with the world around me. I also love to hike, play the guitar and play with my baby daughter."
Astri Wee
Marketing Director
“With over two decades of experience in marketing, executive assistance and special-events management, I’m excited to lead this area with the Spectrum team.  As an enthusiastic communications expert with a take-charge attitude, this is a perfect fit -I  love developing new relationships with clients.  When I’m not working, you’ll find me having fun with my camera and three-year old son, Kai.”
Kathia Morales Waithe
Technology Coordinator
& Executive Assistant
“I bring almost three decades of support and technology experience and enjoy supporting the Spectrum team to elevate our work deliverables and client experience. I enjoy time with my family, traveling, and learning new technologies.”
Katie Richard - Headshot.png
Katie Richard
Learning & Development Manager

“Connecting with people is my passion. Through my 18 years of experience in operations, most recently focusing on learning & development, I have been able to work with many inspiring human beings who have enriched my life. It’s not about the work you do, but how you do it. Lead with your heart, listen and always find compassion in every interaction.”

Meet the Facilitators and Coaches

Chalmers Brothers
Co-Creator SOAR Program and best selling author of Language and the Pursuit of Happiness (2005) and Language and the Pursuit of Leadership Excellence
“This body of learning - centered on self-awareness, self-responsibility and a new understanding leadership competencies - has changed my life.  And I know it can change yours, too.  You will learn how to lead more effectively, engage your teams more powerfully and optimize your results.  I believe in organizations serving as vehicles for global transformation.”
Vinay Kumar
Co-author, Language & the Pursuit of Leadership Excellence
Leadership Coach and SOAR Co-Founder
"My work focuses on supporting leaders in producing breakthroughs in thinking, which in turn enables them to see new possibilities, take new and more effective action, and produce breakthroughs results. And along the way, they improve their quality of life as well as lives of those they touch.”
Friderike Butler
President, Butler Communications
Organizational Change Consultant, Leadership Coach
“Through my professional work in Germany and around the globe, I am intrigued by the opportunities of working with different cultures. I believe that every person has the deep-rooted need to be seen, heard, and recognized as a valuable human being. We each have unique gifts and the ability to contribute positively to our environment. I support clients as they discover their innate abilities, wisdom, and strengths to create powerful engagements in an ever-changing world.”
Libby Graves
Founder & Principal, Core Citizen    
“I’m inspired to work with compassionate leaders who bring a mindset for success. My core belief is that self-reflection and self-knowledge are foundational to personal and professional growth. SOAR supports leaders to maximize their contribution to the organization, creating healthy workplace cultures, and resulting in extraordinary results. It makes a positive difference in the workplace and in the lives of those who live it. ”
Ellen Fulton
Managing Partner, Washington Coaching Group 
"I work with people to improve their intellectual and emotional flexibility while increasing awareness around leadership presence.  People who enjoy working with me have a desire to robustly lead and inspire through language, actions and results.  I challenge clients to reflect on their strengths, areas for growth, values, and interpersonal skills to help them align action plans that maximize strategic goals providing sustainable change.” 
Maura Parda
Founder, 512 Leadership Group and Thrive Program 
"Maura is committed to working in the area of transformational change.  She believes that what today's leaders owe their organizations -- and more importantly, themselves -- is the courage, determination, and persistence to realize their full potential -- as individuals, as teams, and as organizations."
Luann Barndt
Founder, Axiom Quest LLC
“My personal experience of integrating my body in learning transformed my way of being in the world.  
Through embodied inquiry and body-oriented practices, we discover meaning through distinctions in personal sensations and cultivate capacity through movement.  
Tapping into our embodied wisdom increases capacity to learn quickly, lead masterfully, and transform challenges into unexpected opportunities.”
Colin T. McLetchie
Five Ways Forward
 “I bring compassionate challenge to all my clients and
seek to help them find their best selves in the domains of body, emotion, spirit and thought. Leadership is an internal journey
so cultivating greater awareness and powerful
choice is instrumental to finding your way forward.”
Lynn Ellen Queen
Queen & Associates
"My work is focused on helping people lead both themselves and others in order to achieve results. I believe that self-awareness and self-acceptance in a leader create a sense of quiet confidence that forms the foundation of leadership effectiveness. The abundance mentality that comes from embracing one’s own sense of self leads to positive impact for leaders and their organizations."