Programs for Emerging Leaders (LEAD)
Helping new leaders shape culture and improve execution.
LEAD (Leadership for Executive Advancement) includes a combination of big-picture leadership topics (such as emotional intelligence, crucial conversations, and establishing clear dialogue) as well as specific managerial topics (such as creating accountability, managing meetings, and clear goal-setting). In each session a new theory or model is presented, followed by group discussion, break-out sessions, and reflection. Participants have the opportunity to learn with and from their peers in a safe and stimulating environment.  
Program Outline:
Session 1: Learning Your Communication Preferences
Session 2: Negotiating Agreements
Session 3: Coaching vs. Consulting
Session 4: Focusing on Feedback
Session 5: Developing Top Teams
Session 6: Delegation: Effectively Managing Commitments
Session 7: Navigating Change & Crucial Conversations
Session 8: Pulling it All Together