What Our Clients are Saying

“You helped us bridge diverse communication gaps with our clients from all over the world.  We will use the cultural tools from today’s training immediately.”  
(Partner, International Banking, Germany)
Many expatriates and leaders are not equipped with the necessary tools for life abroad.  This means costly pitfalls for global organizations and enormous stress for expats.  Our workshops teach international leaders to understand their new surroundings-fast.
We offer intercultural workshops and coaching for professionals who work and lead in multi-cultural environments. Through our programs, leaders receive the necessary tools to evaluate their communication preferences and leadership styles, while integrating their strengths into a global environment.

Global Workshops

“You are pioneers in the field of intercultural training.  Thank you for a most excellent workshop for us.”
(CEO, Human Capital, Estonia)

Multicultural Topics

Our highly-qualified consultants have years of international leadership experiences and know how to cultivate top-performing teams from around the globe.  We provide customized learning and development programs based on a close analysis of each client’s specific needs.  Unique workshop features include:
  • understanding culture shock
  • managing the 8 dimensions of culture
  • developing an individual needs assessment plan
  • interpreting local negotiation & leadership styles
  • recognizing company hierarchy
  • cultivating international listening patterns
  • coordinating daily life